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Did you know?

You can create explosive profits without adding new costs or additional hours to your day?

Andie Monet does just that.

Andie is the founder and CEO of Strategic Solutions & Development International, Inc ("SSD"). And for over 3 decades, she has helped small businesses achieve this by building a strategic infrastructure, quantifiable system, and qualitative architecture into their business operations. What this really means is that she teaches easy-to-understand systems to identify, understand, and make strategic decisions with easy.

Whether it's in operations, processes, finances, business development, sales, and finances, you will move from "owning a business"


"becoming a corporate executive" in your own company.

Yes, explosive profits are wonderful. But even more important, is that it also creates a confident, empowered executive who has

no stress,

no sleepless nights,

no worry,

and no confusion about what to do next.

Andie and her trained staff teach tools that you can use for the life of your business, so that at any time, you are able to move to your next phase of business growth.

We teach in areas of:

• Business Development

• Business Strategy

• Sales

• Operations

• Financial Management

• Processes

• Productivity

• Maximizing ERP Systems

• Prioritizing / Goal Setting

• Scaling

• Strategic Cost Reduction

• Communication & Relationship Building

• Leadership & Management

• Vision

• Goal Setting

• Motivation

"Blow Up The Box" Mindset

Business owners often have limiting believes, which limit their business success. As we turn those limiting believes inside-out and upside-down, we can create opportunities in the business that have powerful outcomes.

Your business will only grow as you do.

Once you mix physics, engineering, calculus, statistics, economics, finance, and business expertise, you end up with Andie Monet: a Business Optimization Expert.